Saturday, June 24, 2006

Have You Read Adam's Autobiography?

I just read an interesting article about the tablet theory of Genesis authorship. I had heard of this theory before but never heard it explained in such detail. I have encountered ideas before that have changed my perspective or paradigm but usually it is a gradual process and not an immediate "Wow". This one was a "wow".

Has that ever occurred to you? You have a notion about something--a belief or opinion--and then one day you see evidence that shows that you were mistaken? There is a feeling that follows of bewilderment. As if you suddenly discovered that water isn't wet or you let go of something from your hand and it doesn't fall. With this particular incident I feel like something in my mind has been set free, like I can dream about scenarios and possibilities that I hadn't thought of before. It's like discovering a new room in your house that you have lived in for years--only this room has other secret rooms.

The amazing thing is that this has happened to me more and more as I have read the Bible.