Friday, November 10, 2006

Stood-up at the Theater

My MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group was supposed to have a movie night tonight. We were to meet at the ticket window at 7:15 pm to see "One Night with the King," a movie about the biblical book of Esther. Esther is my absolute favorite Old Testament book. I've always thought the plot is so riveting that it could be a great movie. I saw the trailer for "One Night with the King" in March, and ever since then I've been excitedly anticipating it's release. As soon as I knew it was in theaters, I started to think of ways I could go see it. You see, when you have a child, you can't just skip off and go see a movie with your husband whenever you want to, especially if you can't afford to hire a babysitter and are too new in town to have friends you could ask to watch your child. When I found out about the MOPS movie night I thought, "This is perfect! An answer to prayer!"

So I got dressed up tonight, or what I now consider dressed up. As a mom, my normal wardrobe is pretty casual: T-shirts and shorts/sweat pants. But tonight I wore jeans and a nice black shirt, my best blue jean jacket, and black dangling earrings. I even put on a dab of perfume!

So here I am lookin' good and feelin' good, about to see a movie I'm most excited about. I really don't want to be late for this one, so I arrived shortly before 7:00 pm. I wasn't too surprised to not see anyone from MOPS there yet. I know how people, especially moms, are about time (it's so hard to get out the door sometimes), so I bought my ticket, leaned against the wall near the ticket booth, and patiently waited. 7:15 rolled around, still no familiar faces. "That's kind of odd, but people tend to be late," I thought. "There's at least 50 ladies in my MOPS group; surely someone will show up soon." So I waited, and waited, and waited. I was getting nervous now. I started praying, "Please God, let at least one person show up." I started pacing and looking at my watch every few seconds. All this time I'm watching people come up to the booth. Happy people. People with friends or family. No one looking my way. 7:30. "This is ridiculous. No one is coming. I've been stood-up!" I was sad and depressed, then angry and indignant, then sad again. I returned my ticket and got a refund. So disappointed! I know it's only a movie, but you understand the build-up and the complete let-down. And what a waste of my time and Barry's time. He even has a major research paper due next week, and he took time out to watch Abigail. All for nothing! Well, not just nothing; rather, a disappointing, humiliating experience.

And now I'm writing this as therapy. I do feel kind of better now. You know what else made me feel better? Barry's profuse expressions of sympathy when I got home, and some chocolate chip cookies a neighbor had dropped off while I was gone. How did God know I needed some cookies? Oh yeah, that's right—He knows everything! I'll end on that positive note.