Sunday, April 15, 2007

Pregnancy Update

Just thought I'd post an update on the pregnancy. First of all, we think we're going to go with "Reuben" instead of "Ruben." It's the Biblical spelling, more traditional, and looks better with "Ellis Bishop." Abigail has already given Reuben his first nickname: "Ru Ru!"

I have gestational diabetes again. It's not as hard emotionally as it was last pregnancy because I already know what to expect. However, it's still tough to keep to the diet and the rigid eating schedule when I'm hungry and busy. It's especially hard around holidays or special events. I didn't get to eat any Easter candy this year. Cheese and peanut butter have been my staples the last few weeks. My latest pregnancy craving: crunchy peanut butter and bananas -- mmmm. Also delicious and fewer carbs: peanut butter and whipped cream on high fiber toast.

Anyway, the diabetes appears to be under control. The only time my blood sugar levels have been too high is after lunch. I began to suspect that my high fiber-low carb tortillas were lying on the package. Since cutting back on my quesadillas, it's been better. I'm really motivated to keep the levels low because my doctor is threatening an early induction if the baby gets too big. Abigail broke her collar bone coming out, so that is a concern with this one and further reason why my doctor wants to induce. I'd much rather go into labor naturally.

Please pray that labor and delivery will go smoothly, that the baby will be healthy, and that God would give me a peace about the situation. May His will be done.

Have you heard that Lincoln Brewster song "Everlasting God"? It talks about strength rising as we wait upon the Lord, a la Isaiah 40:31. That's been encouraging to me lately as my body has been more tired, and as I've been doubting whether I'll be able to handle labor, postpartum recovery, and adjustment to life with two kids.

Please pray for Barry, too, as he'll be registering for classes this week. Pray for the Lord's guidance in how many and which classes to sign up for. He'll probably be taking a 3 hour class this summer that should end before the baby is born, and 13-16 hours of classes in the fall.

Praise God for getting Barry through last week, which was the most difficult one of the semester. He had two papers and a Greek test. He is relieved to have that behind him, and now can relax a bit more until finals, which are May 4th through the 9th. Barry has been working so hard this semester, and has been faithful in all the things God has put on his plate. He naturally gets tired and discouraged every now and then, so please drop him an encouraging word if you get a chance.

Praise God also for giving us such a special little toddler. She has a real passion for life; she's always running and jumping and dancing. We're working on the alphabet song and learning how to count (I often hear her say "3, 4, 8, 9, 10!"). She's done great in her toddler bed, which is a huge blessing, since we'll need the crib before you know it. She's even gone poo poo and pee pee on the potty a few times! We were going to wait until after her baby brother arrived to start potty training, but she was showing an interest and started telling us before she had to go (sometimes), so we figured we'd just go with the flow (no pun intended, hee hee). But we aren't doing any intensive training yet.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Eggcelent Easter Pictures

Here is Abigail petting a bunny at her first Easter Egg Hunt. It was on the seminary campus a couple of weeks ago.

They had a little train for the kiddos. I can't tell you how happy she was to be riding this train. In this picture she's gleefully waving bye-bye. She bawled when the ride was over.

Later that day, we went to Gatesville, where the bluebonnets were beautiful.

Here's us this morning at Southcliff Baptist Church. It was a cold Easter here in Fort Worth (we even had snow flurries yesterday!), but we enjoyed the church service, which reminded us that the point of Easter is not the ushering in of spring, but the fact that Jesus lives, and through his conquering of death, we too can have eternal life if we repent and put our trust in Him. Happy Easter!

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