Monday, July 31, 2006

Barry Bishop, spider-slayer, poop-elf

Life gets better all the time. I used to dream about being a hero and people counting on me to come through for them. Now, with marriage and parenthood my call to duty has come.

For instance, tonight there was a menacing spider in the house. Karen called my name from the other room and something in her voice immediately told me it was spider, the only question in my mind was how big. I sprinted to the other room, sized up the spider, grabbed a paper towel and smote it. And just like that I was an instant hero. I felt good about myself. Maybe I deserve an extra nap on the couch while my wife cleans up the kitchen (although I usually do this anyway--thanks sweetie).

But some responsibilities I have now are just funny. I have a 15-month-old daughter named Abigail. She is a cute bundle of energy and noise. Most of the day is spent chasing her and keeping her away from electrical outlets and toilets so a lot of things don't get done until she is asleep in her crib. As soon as she is down for the night, the magic happens. Karen and I quickly do as many things as we can and so we are like elves that work all night and in the morning everything is magically different. I fancy myself as some sort of poop-elf that sneaks into the toddler's room, ever so quiet as to not wake her and gently, so gently take the bag of poopy diapers from the trashcan to dispose of them. Then voila! Abigail wakes up to a less stinky room and a full diaper pail she can fill for the day. (If you're not a parent, I want to apologize at this point. I realize that poop is gross and crude to talk about but after you have a child and change diapers it suddenly becomes very interesting and funny.)

My life is funny and enjoyable in a way I never expected. I'm growing into the role of father and husband because there are certain things to be done and they are obviously my responsibility but I am having to learn as I go. Pretty much every day I think, "I don't know what I am doing?". I've found this is a good thing, though. God stretches me, molds me, tries me, disciplines me and then I realize how weak I really am and turn to him. Thanks God, I need you.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Honored, Embarrassed

Well, you know that you are getting close to moving when people throw you a going-away party. Some friends of ours (the Kurths and the Lopez-is-iz-is) gave us a party last Saturday. I was surprised how many people showed up to the party. I was also delightfully surprised at the abundance of tasty delictables there so I pretended I wasn't on a diet that night. (Yes, I am on a diet. Yes, this is embarrassing. I admit that I can no longer eat as much of whatever the heck I want because I've been gaining about 5 pounds a year so I am on track to weigh 265 pounds in 20 years if I don't diet. Back to the party.)

Most of the people there were friends from church and work. They talked with us, said good things about us and even prayed outloud and individually for us. I felt honored and embarrassed. Only embarrassed because it was such a royal treatment for me and my wife. I hope to treat others the same in the future and love them in this way. As a Christian, for me to hear others thank God for me and my wife and ask Him to help us on our journey to seminary, it is pretty humbling. I think to myself, "really? you actually care about us?"

It is easy for me to pray for myself. Having others pray for me is awesome though, and a good reminder that I should do the same for them.

Anyways, I would like to give a big thanks to whoever might be reading this because most likely you are someone who cares for us. And if our upcoming move to Ft. Worth takes us farther away from you then know that you will be missed.